Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Feeling me


I feel, everything about you is true, you want me to continue to feel guilty because an event that already longberalu.
sometimes I feel Seang near you, sometimes I feel sad when if you were going on with me.
but no, I should not like this continue MY GIRL IS NOT THAT STUPID
I have persaan that makes me know what you did to me, I am not a robot that can make you a slave and not a robot too, UNDERSTAND!

I asked to the liver nan upset, but in vain that I found: (
This feeling was very sick, very!
what is happening because we are the good times past, short indeed! full of struggle
now, I pingin rose from my guilt, my pinggin start a new one, trying to leave the memories of long past
ALL MEMORIES THAT must perish!

My current experience a month after that, my difficulties experienced this moment again, it's hard to receive it back contact me, but ga no barrier for me to hinder that relationship

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