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Something Found in the Trobbel (GALAU)



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This word seems to have existed since the time of our ancestors,because in the Big Indonesian Dictionary has the definition contained.
ber.ga.lau was a busy rollicking; crowded; chaotic mess of (mind)ke.ga.lau.an (in indonesia definition) nature (state case) upset. There are some synonyms of the word upset, including: pakaudazed, anxious, restless and anxious.
About the beginning of all people to be upset, I do not know for sure, you can ask the swaying grass . #eeh haha :D

The first time I heard this was when my friend was crying listening to sad songs that in his hearing.

And after it began its popularity was peaking. 

One of the shows on private TV station showed how excited his current 'galau' among adolescents. 

Many social networks display various kinds of something that make people upset, for example can be found at twitter, tumblr, facebook, plurk, etc. In here many of his regular his status despair, hurt, sadness and heartbreak.
'Menggalau’, atau mereka yang sedang SNSD (Siap Nikah Siap Dilamar) #eaaa.

How to avoid confusion? I suggest a few things.!!
  • First, set the dream alive. The best achievement of what you will achieve in the life of this world? Traces what would you leave in theuniverse that makes you remembered the next generation?Goodness what would you give to Him so that you are worthy ofheaven asking Him? Focus your life to realize the dreams that you have specified.

  • Second, stay away from negative information. Make sure onlyqualified watching television, not the gossip show or the news that"dirty" minds and hearts. When active on twitter be sure follow the people who spread the good is not the "transmit" turmoil.

  • Third, make sure your words and actions are always positive.Words and actions not only when talking directly to people including when making status in cyberspace (Facebook, twitter, etc.). Because when you say or act negatively then get the response, that's when negative things were getting excited.Without your awareness, it is negative then the "poison" the mindand heart, make you restless and increasingly troubled.

  • Fourth, was hanging out with friends who do not have many problems, not to avoid people who have a problem! because it can menggalau wrote that people who need friends to share it's just not up to receive the effects impressed
but most people assume if not 'galau' not ' gaul' 

 The characteristics of people with "galau" :
  1. Restless and Complaining
    The essence of the message in social media is a personalcomplaint about his daily life, usually influenced by the mood is bad.
  2. Self-Centered
    All his talk more about him, him and him. Over to something that GAJEE 
  3. Allowing private matter made ​​public
  4. Make a lot of status in a short time
  5. Active in many social media

Are you someone who is 'galau'? haha just you and your god knows.. haha..

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My City Bukittinggi


Very Unyuuuuuuu ......

That the first was in my mind about this city, Bukittinggi is a very small town with an area of ​​25.24 km2 in area, but there are many kinds of attractions and there are also  very delicious culinary :)

jam gadang in 2011

Bukittinggi city began standing in line with the arrival of the Dutch who later established strongholds in the year 182 on the Padri War in one of the hills contained within this city, known as the Fortress Fort de Kock , as well as a resting place of the Dutch officers who are in the colonies. Later in the reign of the Dutch East Indies , the area is always enhanced role in the constitution which later developed into a Stadsgemeente (city), and also serves as the capital Afdeeling Padangsche Bovenlanden and Onderafdeeling Oud Agam .

jam gadang in the Dutch colonial period

 During the occupation of Japan, serving as the center of Bukittinggi military government control for the region of Sumatra,even down to Singapore and Thailand, where the city Became theseat of the military commander to 25 Kenpeitai, under thecommand of Major General Hirano Toyoji . Later the citychanged its name from Fort de Kock Stadsgemeente beBukittinggi The Yaku Sho, Whose land was broadened to includethe Surrounding villages-villages like Sianok Anam Tribe, Gadut,Kapau, Ampang Tower, Taba and Batabuah Stone HillNow Nagari-Nagari is entered into the realm of Agam regency .
After the independence of Indonesia, Bukittinggi was chosen to be the capital of the Province of Sumatra , with its governor Mr. Teuku Muhammad Hasan . The United Kingdom is also defined as an area municipality under the Province of Sumatra Governor Decree No. 391 dated June 9 1947 .

Bukittinggi city lies on a series of Bukit Barisan which ran along the island of Sumatra , surrounded by three volcanoes is Mount Singgalang ,Mount Marapi and Mount Sago , and located at an altitude of 909-941 meters above the sea . The city is also air cool with temperatures ranging between 16.1 - 24.9 ° C. While the total area of the current town of Bukittinggi (25.24 km ²), 82.8% have been devoted to cultivation of land, while the rest is protected forest.
The city has a hilly topography and berlembah, some hills are scattered in urban areas, among them the Mount Ambacang, Bukit Tambun Bones, Mandiangin Hill, Hill Campago, Kubangankabau Hill, Bukit Pinang Sabatang Nan, Canggang Hill, Hill Paninjauan and so on.While there is a valley which is also known as Sianok Canyon with a depth that veries between 75-110 m, which flows a river called the Trunk Masang which empties on the west coast of Sumatra Island. 

The development of the urban population can not be separatedfrom the change in Bukittinggi Bukittingi a trade center in theMinangkabau highlands, starting with the market dibangunya by the Dutch East Indies government in 1890 under the name loods, local people spell it with loih, with a curved roof became known as Loih Galuang
is pasar ateh old time

is The oldest mosque in Indonesia with the name of the bengkudu mosque

Chinise comunity to come together to emergance of markets of London. they allowed the Dutch East Indies goverment to build a shop or kios at the foot of the hill fortress of Fort de Kock west, stretching from south to north, now known as Kampung Cino
While the Indian traders placed in the foothills of the north, a circular from east to west and is now called Kampung Keling

Bukittinggi is at a strategic position, connected with several other cities including the cities that are outside the province of West Sumatra, as the city of Pekanbaru and Medan city , and is the city that the path traversed by the Trans Central Sumatra . Terminal Aur Yellow is the main terminal to transport ground transportation in this city. As for transportation in the city, available means of transportation other than city microbus and a hansom cab (carriage horses).
Previously the city is traversed by a railway line from the city Payakumbuh to the city of Padang , which was built around the early 20th century during the reign of the Dutch East Indies , but after independence the means of transportation is no longer active.
The city also has a non-class air transport facilities are named Airport, United Kingdom 

public transportation in bukittinggi

bendi is tradisional transportasion in bukittinggi

Bukittinggi City has had good health care, where a city with a relatively small area has had 5 hospital that is 3 pieces of government-owned and two private sector, supported by 5 pieces of health centers and 6 health centers and 15 health centers around helper. One of the mainGeneral Hospital Dr. Achmad Mochtar , a government-owned public hospital type B with the number of beds as much as 299. 

is Ahmad Muchtar hospital is one of hospital in bukittinggi

National Stroke Hospital located in this city, a government-owned hospitals with service excellence for stroke with the number of beds as much as 124. So is Islam Ibn Sina Hospital , a private hospital that has the capacity of the sleep as many as 136 units.
Meanwhile, to increase the availability and quality of health personnel in order to improve public health services, until the year 2009 there were 8 health personnel education institutions in the city of Bukittinggi, two government-owned institutions (Poltekes) and 6 are managed by private parties

is pasar ateh in Bukittinggi

is pasar aua in Bukittinggi

Market developments Loih Galuang now called Market Ateh , making the Dutch East Indies government then re-develop the market, by rebuilding a loods to the east in 1900, precisely at the waist area of the hill adjacent to the ditch that flows at the foot of the hill, because market place is located in the slope of the local people call it by name Teleng Market (Italic) or Market Slope . The next development in the surrounding area appear again in the next several markets including the Lower Markets and Market Banto . In structuring the market, the Dutch East Indies government also connects each market with long and slender (stairs) and among the famous is called by the name of bunch 40 .
To reduce buildup on one area of the town of Bukittinggi and then develop the urban area to the east by building on Market Yellow Aur , which currently is one of the wholesale trade center for goods convection in the town of Bukittinggi. While the traditional markets around the area such as the Clock Tower Ateh Market, Market and Market Bottom Slope, now evolved into a place selling handicrafts and souvenirs typical of Minangkabau.
Due to a small area, the sector of trade is one option that is right for the town of Bukittinggi in increasing per capita income, and has become one of the main objectives in the field of trade on the island of Sumatra.
In addition Bukittinggi city government also spawned several programs in alleviating poverty among the training increased diversification in the form of training and skills upgrading training making kebaya embroidery, as well as new entrepreneurial growth

is The Hills Hotel 

is Pusako Hotel

Pembangunan kepariwisataan merupakan salah satu sektor andalan bagi kota Bukittinggi, banyaknya objek wisata yang menarik, menjadikan kota ini dijuluki juga sebagai "kota wisata". Saat ini di kota Bukittinggi telah terdapat sekitar 60 hotel dan 15 biro perjalananHotel-hotel yang terdapat di kota Bukittinggi antara lain The Hills (sebelumnya Novotel), Hotel Pusako dan sebagainya.
Lembah Ngarai Sianok merupakan salah satu objek wisata utama. Taman Panorama yang terletak di dalam kota Bukittinggi memungkinkan wisatawan untuk melihat keindahan pemandangan Ngarai Sianok. Di dalam Taman Panorama juga terdapat gua bekas persembunyian tentara Jepang sewaktu Perang Dunia II yang disebut sebagai Lubang Jepang Bukittinggi.

is Taman Panorama

is Jembatan Limpapeh

is Benteng  Fort de Kock
Di Taman Bundo Kanduang terdapat replika Rumah Gadang yang berfungsi sebagai museum kebudayaan Minangkabau, Kebun Binatang Bukittinggi dan benteng Fort de Kock yang dihubungkan oleh jembatan penyeberangan yang disebut Jembatan Limpapeh. Jembatan penyeberangan Limpapeh berada di atas Jalan A. Yani yang merupakan jalan utama di kota Bukittinggi.
Pasar Ateh (pasas atas) berada berdekatan dengan Jam Gadang yang merupakan pusat keramaian kota. Di dalam Pasar Ateh terdapat banyak penjual kerajinan tangan dan bordir. serta makanan kecil oleh-oleh khas Sumatera Barat seperti Karupuak Sanjai (keripik singkong ala daerah Sanjai di Bukittinggi) yang terbuat dari singkong, Karupuak Jangek yang dibuat dari bahan kulit sapi atau kerbau dan Karak Kaliang, sejenis makanan kecil khas Bukittinggi yang berbentuk seperti angka 8. Saat ini juga telah dibangun beberapa pusat perbelanjaan modern di kota Bukittinggi.

is Karak Kaliang

good is all, it is a description of my small town
you interested? visit is and can do to the uniqueness of this Bukittinggi !!

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