Selasa, 14 Juni 2016

Jam gadang Sumatera Barat


Jam Gadang is an icon of Bukittinggi. In the Indonesian language, Jam Gadang means big clock and big it certainly is! the buildings 26 meters high with circle clock on four sides of the upper was constructed in 1826 a gift from tha Queen of the Netherland to Secretary of Bukittinggi, her name is Rook Maker. and than contruction was completed by architect Yazid and Sutan Dental Ameh.
Clock Tower or Jam Gadang measuring 13x4 meter stand in front of the Palace Bung Hatta. In this area can find a many trees planed so relex. the goverment also complete this place with chairs to sit for enjoy the atmosphere, take a picture together or throw away a tired. The Park always crowded old people from yough in the morning until the night. 
The name is andong in javanese language, but in minang its called a Bendi. Same with andong, its use a horse to bring people (4-6 people). the rate is usually Rp. 10.000 for local and for a tourist started Rp. 25.000 , suspended distance.