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Something Found in the Trobbel (GALAU)



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This word seems to have existed since the time of our ancestors,because in the Big Indonesian Dictionary has the definition contained.
ber.ga.lau was a busy rollicking; crowded; chaotic mess of (mind)ke.ga.lau.an (in indonesia definition) nature (state case) upset. There are some synonyms of the word upset, including: pakaudazed, anxious, restless and anxious.
About the beginning of all people to be upset, I do not know for sure, you can ask the swaying grass . #eeh haha :D

The first time I heard this was when my friend was crying listening to sad songs that in his hearing.

And after it began its popularity was peaking. 

One of the shows on private TV station showed how excited his current 'galau' among adolescents. 

Many social networks display various kinds of something that make people upset, for example can be found at twitter, tumblr, facebook, plurk, etc. In here many of his regular his status despair, hurt, sadness and heartbreak.
'Menggalau’, atau mereka yang sedang SNSD (Siap Nikah Siap Dilamar) #eaaa.

How to avoid confusion? I suggest a few things.!!
  • First, set the dream alive. The best achievement of what you will achieve in the life of this world? Traces what would you leave in theuniverse that makes you remembered the next generation?Goodness what would you give to Him so that you are worthy ofheaven asking Him? Focus your life to realize the dreams that you have specified.

  • Second, stay away from negative information. Make sure onlyqualified watching television, not the gossip show or the news that"dirty" minds and hearts. When active on twitter be sure follow the people who spread the good is not the "transmit" turmoil.

  • Third, make sure your words and actions are always positive.Words and actions not only when talking directly to people including when making status in cyberspace (Facebook, twitter, etc.). Because when you say or act negatively then get the response, that's when negative things were getting excited.Without your awareness, it is negative then the "poison" the mindand heart, make you restless and increasingly troubled.

  • Fourth, was hanging out with friends who do not have many problems, not to avoid people who have a problem! because it can menggalau wrote that people who need friends to share it's just not up to receive the effects impressed
but most people assume if not 'galau' not ' gaul' 

 The characteristics of people with "galau" :
  1. Restless and Complaining
    The essence of the message in social media is a personalcomplaint about his daily life, usually influenced by the mood is bad.
  2. Self-Centered
    All his talk more about him, him and him. Over to something that GAJEE 
  3. Allowing private matter made ​​public
  4. Make a lot of status in a short time
  5. Active in many social media

Are you someone who is 'galau'? haha just you and your god knows.. haha..

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